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PAL PSA: Black Wii bundle now available for pre-order, discounted in UK


We've got some welcome news for European readers who somehow don't already own a Wii -- or for those of you who already have one, but just can't resist the temptation of the new black model. has opened pre-orders for the new Wii Sports Resort bundle, which includes a Wiimote, a Nunchuk and a MotionPlus all dressed in black, along with both Wii Sports games. The bundle will ship on November 6 and is available on additional Amazon branches, as well; though the release dates for other European territories is November 20.

The UK pre-order price is even discounted a bit to £164.99 (roughly $270) -- the same bundle in boring old white normally retails for £179.99. (The black and white bundles are priced the same, at €209.99, elsewhere in Europe.) The white bundle, however, includes your choice of two additional games -- a small sacrifice for that spooky black coating, we say.

As for you importers, we suppose this could be the ideal time to pursue a PAL model, if you simply can't wait for the black system to be announced for North America. Then again, in doing so, you'll also have to import all of your games. Patience.

[Via Engadget]

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