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Reminder: Carve pumpkins, win video games


Entry #27 by Brian W.

Update: The entry period has closed.

It's a shame the CDC shut down our plans for a giant bobbing for games contest. It was going to be epic. In its place, however, we launched a totally rad pumpkin carving contest. Not only do we get to enjoy the skilled craftwork of the Joystiq Biomass, we also get to keep the prizes nice and dry, and reduce the spread of waterborne illness bred in the saliva of icky gamers. That goes down as a win-win-win situation in our book.

Reminder: You have until 12:00PM ET Friday, October 30, (two days!) to submit images of your game-related pumpkin carvings to: Click here for the basic guidelines for entry. (Official rules.)

Have a look at the competition and keep the entries coming:

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