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Motorola posts small 3Q profit, picks new CFO

Chris Ziegler

For Motorola, any profit at all is a Good Thing right now, so we're sure there are a lot of smiling faces out in Schaumburg today on news that the company managed just a smidge of black ink in the third quarter. The Mobile Devices division specifically turned in $1.7 billion in revenue (about $100 million less than the quarter prior) and accounted for a $183 million loss, which was offset by wins in the company's other divisions ultimately resulting in $12 million in bankable profit. The company says that it expects to push fewer handsets in the fourth quarter as it scales back "unprofitable" devices in favor of its new Android-based gear -- which is just fine by us -- and yes, indeed, it still intends to split the company into two entities when the time is right. In the meantime, the company has announced a permanent CFO -- Edward Fitzpatrick, who was conveniently already appointed to the position on an interim basis -- putting to bed some of the drama to bed that's surrounded Paul Liska, who vacated the post months ago on bad terms. All told, the DROID and CLIQ launches have cast a rosy glow on Moto's current situation, so now it's time to put the nose to the grindstone and see if these guys can deliver financially through the end of the year.

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