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Nintendo half-year results show profits down in '09; still making boffo bucks


Nintendo's profits took a 52 percent dive in the first-half of 2009 compared to the same period last year, which sounds horrible -- until the realization hits that the company still brought in $766 million in pure profit. Yes, Nintendo is still doing all right, even as it cut its profit forecast for the fiscal year ending March 2010 from $3.3 billion to merely $2.53 billion. Tragic, we know.

The Wii has now sold 56.14 million units globally, while the DS has reached 113.48 million in unit sales. There's been a general slowdown of software sales, however, as the House of Mario has had fewer high-profile releases so far this year -- we count only: Wii Sports Resort. Although investors may see the profit decline as a bad thing, it's not like Nintendo's plump plumber is going to be forced to cut back on those hearty meals any time soon.

Source -- Nintendo financial report [PDF]
Source -- Nintendo profits slide (MCV)

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