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Apple's ad man changes roles, but another Apple fan will take his place


Update: As our loyal commenters have pointed out, Gizmodo (which was among the first sites to report that Clow was changing roles, echoing a piece in the industry journal Advertising Age) has followed up with an internal email from Clow where he says Miller's promotion does not imply that Clow is stepping away from his own leadership role with the company, including "keeping an eye on Apple."


When many people think of Apple, they think of the ad campaigns that the company has used over the years:

  • The original "1984" Super Bowl ad that introduced the Mac to the world
  • The "Think Different" campaign that coincided with the return of Steve Jobs to the company
  • The iPod dancing silhouettes
  • "There's an app for that" -- the iPhone ads
  • "Hello, I'm a Mac. And I'm a PC." -- the Get A Mac ads
Apple's advertising agency is TBWA / Media Arts Lab, and the person who has been the creative force behind all of these ads is a man by the name of Lee Clow. The 66 year-old Clow has decided to step down as chief creative officer at the agency, although he'll remain chairman and global director of Media Arts Lab and fulfill other roles within TBWA.

Clow's replacement is no stranger to Apple. Duncan Milner is currently the executive creative director on the Apple account and is considered by many in the advertising industry to be the perfect replacement for Clow, a close friend of Steve Jobs.

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