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It Came from the Blog: Hallow's End and Kodo Run galleries


Last week, the gang from It came from the Blog participated in several Hallow's End activities. We put out the fires in Falconwing Square, pranked Southshore and went Trick or Treating through the Eastern Kingdoms. Levels were dinged (and those that received them were called Dingalings), Achievements were achieved and a dwarf dressed as a troll was rescued.

Here are some screenshots of the fun:

Gallery: It came from the Blog: Hallow's End 2009 | 23 Photos

Also, at the beginning of October, It came from the Blog went on an Epic Harvest Brewfestival Ride to honor a hero in Ashenvale. The pictures from this event are long overdue and here they are:

Gallery: Epic Harvest Brewfestival Kodo Ride | 8 Photos

Look for more It Came from the Blog activities in November and throughout the in-game holidays.

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