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3M unveils 3D panels for portable devices


Among its many virtues gadget-wise, 2009 has seen 3D technology go from irritating to... well, not quite so irritating. Of course, with so many companies working to develop a satisfactory way to bring the third dimension to our TVs and computers, it's only a matter of time before we find a device that accomplishes the goal without giving us a headache. And now 3M, who's been really digging their heels into display technology as of late, is debuting a 3D panel that eschews the glasses for something called conoscopy: the surface of the devices features a film with lenses on one side and prism structures on the other that display the corresponding left- and right-eye portions of the image. Currently available in both 9-inch and 2.8-inch LCD panels, the company is said to be gearing up for volume production, so it may not be long before they begin featuring on portable devices. Who knows? Maybe your dream of a 3D Gizmondo isn't dead after all! Get a closer look after the break.

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