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Margaritaville trademarked for video game use

From the second our feet left the comfort of our bed in favor of the harsh, cold ground this morning, we knew it was going to be a terrible day. What we expected were little accumulative annoyances -- stubbed toes, traffic, cold coffee and the like. What we got was a report from supererogatory pointing us to a terror-inducing trademark filing, which permits "Margaritaville" to be used for video game software purposes.

As we see it, there's an infinite number of ways that Jimmy Buffett's tropically-tinted tune could manifest itself in video game form:
  • A near-endless RPG: The Quest for the Lost Shaker of Salt
  • A sailing simulator: Son of a Son of a Sailing Simulator
  • A smooth rhythm game, which is sadly what it probably will be
  • A smooth rhythm game/sailing simulator, which ... which might be kind of magical

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