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Around Azeroth: A switch in time


It's no surprise that I chose a picture of a dragon today -- my copy of Dragon Age is sitting on top of the television, enticing me with its siren song of Biowareness. Must ... resist ... Xbox ... until article is done! Anyway, Pathemavan of <Forsaken Descendants> on Malygos suffers from a distinct lack of the usual night elf overly high self-esteem. "From the day Blizzard announced the new paid race change feature, I was elated that my dream of having a gnome druid might finally come to pass," he writes. "Needless to say, I was quite upset to see that Blizzard didn't share my love for the potential of cub, meerkat, and shrub-form druids walking around, since they wouldn't allow me to make my druid into a gnome. Left with no other alternatives, I decided to bypass the GMs entirely and petitioned Ysera the Dreamer for a race change. She (being a huge fan of gnomes herself) was more than happy to oblige."

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