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Gentlemen, please note that Time Gentlemen, Please is now half-off

The adventure game genre has begun to rally back into the hearts and minds of all gamerkind, largely on the backs of re-released LucasArts classics and high-minded, hand-drawn indie darlings. But let us not forget about the role played by Zombie Cow's Ben There, Dan That and its successor, Time Gentlemen, Please -- both of which reminded us that adventure games, above all else, should be irreverent and, when that fails, should be just plain incoherent.

If you skipped out on the latter game due to that completely prohibitive £2.99 (about $5) price tag, you've got a chance to redeem yourself. Speaking to Eurogamer, a Zombie Cow representative confirmed that the price of Time Gentlemen, Please has been cut down to £1.49 (call it $2.50) in an effort to make the wait for Modern Warfare 2 a bit more bearable. "So it's a humanitarian thing, really," the spokesperson explained. Just visit Zombie Cow's site, enter in the code: MW2AAAAGES, and watch the price tumble.

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