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Ratchet & Clank's primary audience isn't kids, but 20-somethings


It probably comes as no surprise to you -- our well-informed and educated audience -- but the Ratchet & Clank series isn't just designed for the kids. Edge spoke with Insomniac writer TJ Fixman, who expressed that the primary audience for the weapon-indulgent platformer is the "male 18-34" demographic. He notes that teens who played the first game back in 2002 are now in their twenties and stayed fans of the series.

Fixman notes that males under 18 could be the "interchangeable primary-secondary market," but that the PS3 user base skews older. He compares the Ratchet style to the Shrek series, explaining that Insomniac tries to find the right blend of humor that'll appeal to a large audience. Now the question remains: When will we see Ratchet & Clank again?

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