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Woman creates massive Lego Zelda mosaic, takes longer to finish than most Zelda games


Alyse isn't just your usual Legend of Zelda fan -- aside from the drawer full of Link-themed clothing and decorative Majora's Mask cup set sitting in her cupboard, she's now also the proud owner of the gigantic Lego mosaic you see above. The product of her brow's sweat and her hand's work, the mosaic was created for Brickcon, an annual event that celebrates adult Lego hobbyists.

Head on over to her Flickr account for shots of the impressive feat throughout its development (the above shot is of her husband, Remi, and the Lego computer case he built), something Alyse documented because she "was inspired by many of the stained glass artwork from Wind Waker." If we had enough patience to do something like this, we probably wouldn't have jobs on the internet.

[Via The Tanooki]

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