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The Daily Grind: Do you believe MMOs have one month to make a positive impression?


This seems to be a divisive issue for many people... which makes it the perfect cannon fodder to use in a morning Daily Grind question! Readers of Massively, do you think that MMOs have a single month to make a gloriously positive impression on our player base?

Is the first month really the sink or swim times that internet buzz makes it out to be? Or do you believe an MMO is something that grows and refines itself over time like a fine wine, or cheese? A product that gets distilled by its developers and eventually turned into something brilliant?

Crash and burn or slow evolution, we want to hear your opinions loud and clear! Throw them into the white comment box below, and watch as our magical opinionating-opinionators whirr to life and print your wordymajigs on the Interwebz!

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