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2009 Gran Turismo Awards choose 1970 Ford Mustang 'Trans-Cammer' for inclusion in GT5


The 1970 Ford Mustang "Trans-Cammer" you see above will soon be getting the digital treatment in Gran Turismo 5 after taking home this year's Gran Turismo Award honor at SEMA. For the seventh year in a row, a handful of judges (including Gran Turismo 5 lead Kazunori Yamauchi) chose a car from the auto event for inclusion in an upcoming Gran Turismo title.

Yamauchi said of the event, "We have been very pleased with the high quality of vehicles vying for the award the past seven years, and look forward to having this 1970 Ford Mustang 'Trans-Cammer' join our list of distinguished past winners as part of the Gran Turismo franchise." The 1970 Ford Mustang "Trans-Cammer" by Philip Koenen follows Marcel Horn's HPA Audi TT in 2007 and Brian Filoteo's high-performance Infiniti G37 in 2008, both seen below in the gallery.

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