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Age of Conan community interview: Ask Funcom!

Shawn Schuster

As anyone who has been following Age of Conan for the last few months knows, Funcom is working hard to get their MMO back on the top of everyone's playlists. Launch-day bugs have been fixed and they're focusing on more incentives to get players back into their game.

With last month's Game Director's letter explaining a push towards more player feedback, we wanted to help along the process a bit with your questions. Do you have something you'd like to ask about the new content? How about something concerning their revised subscription options? Whatever it is, Funcom is ready. Email your questions to shawn AT massively DOT com by Thursday, November 12 at 8am ET, and we'll pick the best 10 to send along to Funcom. Questions left as comments to this post will not be considered. Once the answers get answered, we'll be sure to post them up right away.

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