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AT&T's Nation with Canada plans make border runs a little cheaper

Chris Ziegler

Right on cue, AT&T has announced new Canada-friendly plans today that make the occasional trip to Whistler, Yellowknife, or Fredericton just a little more bearable. The packages range from $59.99 up to $219.99 a month with anytime minute buckets of 450, 1,350, 2,000, 4,000, and 6,000 and include compatible rollover and an extra 1,000 night / weekend minutes for good measure. Though the plans don't include data, you pay $2 a megabyte, which is the same rate as domestic (and is still plenty high enough to get you into serious trouble with a smartphone or tethering setup). Those on family plans can look into the action starting at $89.99 a month, so get on your snowshoes -- we're headed to Banff.

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