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WoW Insider Show Episode 115: Use your i-mage-ination

Mike Schramm

I am pretty flabbergasted by all of the pictures you listeners have sent in to our podcast -- it seems we've got listeners all over the globe who do all kinds of different things while listening to the show. In other words, we've got eyes everywhere, including Gormal, an 80 hunter from the Villiage Idiots on Quel'dorei. He found this boat on the way to work, and suggests to us it might actually be Ghostcrawler's famous yacht. Why is it dry-docked? GC's working hard on Cataclysm, of course -- who has time for sailing when paladins need nerfing? Lots more reader pictures in our gallery below.

And oh yeah, there's a show, too. Christian Belt was kind enough to join us this weekend -- along with Chase Christian, Turpster, and I, he talked with us about mages and how they're doing, Blizzard's new pets-for-cash scheme, and what's been showing up on the patch 3.3 PTR lately. Enjoy the show -- we'll be back next week as usual.

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