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EVE Online Lead Content Creator explains epic mission arcs for pirate factions

James Egan

One of the new content additions coming to EVE Online this December are Epic Mission Arcs for two of New Eden's pirate factions -- the Guristas and the Angel Cartel. Scott Holden (aka CCP Molock) is the Lead Content Creator at CCP Games who has overseen the inclusion of the new pirate missions into EVE. Holden recently discussed some of the specifics of pirate mission running with Mondes Persistants.

The epic arcs for the Guristas and Angel Cartel will offer up roughly 10-12 branching missions, says Holden. The Guristas arc will largely be based in nullsec space in Venal, but players will be able to begin in Orvolle (high security) or low security starting points like Taisy. The Angel Cartel epic mission arcs will mostly be based in the Curse region, the stomping grounds of the Cartel. Would-be devotees to the Angel cause (of sabotage, extortion, and general mayhem) will be able to embark on the faction's mission arc from solar systems like Sendaya or Konora in low sec. Surprisingly, it seems that a player doesn't need high pirate faction standings to access either the Guristas or Angel Cartel epic mission arcs. Players with good standings with empire factions will be able to jump into the pirate mission arcs via mission agents found in low security space.

Holden tells Mondes Persistants, "The Guristas arc is accessible with decent (i.e., 4.65 or higher) Gallente or Caldari standing, and the Angels arc is accessible with decent Amarr or Minmatar standing. Keep in mind that these arcs are designed for roughly the same difficult as good level 3 missions, so these standings thresholds are appropriate to that level."

These pirate faction epic arcs are the "speedboat missions" that have been mentioned in recent months. Holden says, "The coolest thing about these arcs is that they're all built for players in interceptors [...]. Given that they occur almost entirely in nullsec, they require people to be fast and agile in order to escape roving gangs and gatecamps on their way to the missions. But in an interceptor, that's a real possibility." He adds that these epic arcs will provide excellent rewards as incentive for players to brave the risks of mission running in lawless space.

Beyond this first iteration of pirate mission arcs there is plenty more content on the way post-Dominion expansion, says Holden, with seven arcs already written and ready for authoring. Check out the full story about the upcoming PvE content at Mondes Persistants in English, or in French if you'd prefer.

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