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Sanyo's new Wii remote charger accepts MotionPlus


So, you've gotten yourself a fancy Wii remote charger, but you're tired of having to remove both MotionPlus and the rubber jacket before each recharging session. What's a dedicated fanboy to do? Run out and buy Sanyo's new Eneloop charging station. The device is powered by the Wii's USB port, accepts two Wii remotes and has room for both the MotionPlus add-on and its accompanying jacket. For those who haven't taken the MotionPlus plunge yet, the stand will also work with the standard Wii remote and jacket.

Best of all, the charger has no actual contacts, so you just have to pop the remote into the cradle to start charging, no connection required. It's even licensed by Nintendo. The only problem: Thus far it has only been announced for Japan. Until Sanyo decides to offer it elsewhere, savvy importers can pick one up for about $80.

[Via Engadget]

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