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Reggie ain't sweating Project Natal, 'Sphere'


In the dilapidated, war-torn streets of the gaming industry, the Console Wars™ have taken their toll on not only the landscape, but also the inhabitants of this once peaceful land. With war mongerers Sony and Microsoft preparing their next wave of battle tech -- motion control devices like the "PlayStation Motion Controller" (rumored: 'Sphere') and Project Natal, respectively -- Nintendo's battle general, Reggie Fils-Aime, recently continued his criticism of rivals by commenting to wartime reporters at Gamasutra that Nintendo isn't really shaking on its Balance Board.

General Fils-Aime said that Nintendo will "applaud anything that will further expand the market of game players" and that the expansion of this kind of technology is really "in everyone's best interest," even though he admits Nintendo could lose some of its marketshare as a result. However, he does feel confident in Nintendo's "head-start of over 51 million controllers."

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