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Evercracked! looks back at EverQuest history

Eliot Lefebvre

Everyone has their own lists of what games have been the most important in the grand scheme of the industry, but it's pretty impossible to argue that EverQuest doesn't deserve a spot near the top of the list. While time hasn't seen the classic game and its sequel remain the 900-pound-gorilla of the industry, it still holds a place near and dear to many people's hearts. More to the point, the impact it had on MMOs as a whole is undeniable. That's why the new Evercracked! video series running on IGN should bring a nice dose of joy, nostalgia, and general good feelings to a number of people.

Hosted by Jace Hall, the series is slated to include interviews with veteran players and designers, behind-the-scenes footage, and a general collection of trivia and recollections. The first episode is now available, with new episodes going live every week until December 10th, so really, what's keeping you? The game has inspired countless people into the genre, including the original sources of the industry's current big success story. Even if you're just looking for historical purposes, it's likely to contain some amusement. And if you got your start in the genre with EverQuest, well, that's all the better.

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