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Japanese hardware sales, Nov. 2 - Nov. 8: Flipped the Script edition

Man, it's going to be awfully difficult to read that script, now that it's been utterly and irreversibly flipped. Now it's words-side-down, so the only thing that's going to be reading it is going to be the table. Which is impossible, because tables can't read. Even if they could, it would be far too dark to ... we forgot our original point. Oh! That's right. There were a number of large sea changes in this week's chart, which apparently means that somewhere in the world, a book of dialogue for something was upended.

For instance, the PS3 took top honors this week, which is a feat it hasn't managed since the launch of its sleeker iteration. This wasn't a random occurrence; the top selling game was the PS3-exclusive Pro Evolution Soccer (or, as its known in Japan, Winning Eleven) 2010. A soccer game. Which beat out a Pokémon game and an action title starring a scantily clad, guns-a-blazing heroine. Oops! The script's upside-down.

If only Konami had created a soccer game exclusively for the PSP Go, the sales for which completely plummeted after its first week day of availability. We're not certain that this qualifies as script-flipping per sé, as it only hit us as mildly surprising. We'd be willing to say that the script was rotated about 71 degrees to the left, and then the pages were slowly flipped through a few times -- just enough so that they get creased a little bit.

- PS3: 48,925 12,864 (35.67%)
- DSi: 37,421 96 (0.26%)
- PSP: 33,784 1,127 (3.23%)
- Wii: 31,810 2,922 (10.11%)
- PSP Go: 13,992 15,117 (51.93%)
- DS Lite: 5,515 1,387 (20.10%)
- Xbox 360: 4,679 1,368 (22.62%)
- PS2: 2,066 100 (5.09%)

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