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Konami's iPhone games on sale for one dollar each


Konami has marked its entire slate of iPhone/iPod Touch games down to just .99 -- the magic price point at which we're willing to try something, even if it's Silent Hill: The Escape. Now is the time to satisfy your curiosity about Metal Gear Solid Touch or Krazy Kart Racing! Well, maybe you could download the demos first to satisfy your curiosity, and then buy the games if you feel there's a chance for even one dollar worth of enjoyment.

The full selection of Konami games includes (iTunes links): Dance Dance Revolution S+, Dance Dance Revolution S, Frogger, Metal Gear Solid Touch, Silent Hill: The Escape, Krazy Kart Racing, Power Pros Touch, Silent Scope, and Field Prowlers Police Rush! This deal is active in the US and Canada. We're checking with Konami to find out how long the offer will be available.

[Thanks, Jordan!]

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