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The Daily Grind: When's your MMO time?


We're all busy people. (Well, at least some of us are busy people.) We'd all love to play our games all day long, but we just don't have that luxury. (Plus, your eyes would probably explode out of their sockets.) So, in lieu of playing endlessly, we play for the times of the day that we have free.

So today's question is: when do you sit down to play your MMOs? Are you an after-work person? Are you more of the before-and-after-dinner type of gamer? Or do you play MMOs so late at night that you worry about Dracula breaking into your home and sucking out your blood before you get done with your raid?

You guys know the drill by now. Think up an answer, smash it into your keyboard with the help of the comment box below, and clicky-click the send comment button. We're waiting!

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