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Activision: Modern Warfare 2 earned $550 million in first five days

Justin McElroy

Activision has announced that, according to its internal estimates, Modern Warfare 2 has racked up $550 million in its first five days on the market. Considering that $310 million of that was in the game's first 24 hours, it means that it took another four days for the game to make another $240 million -- a great example of the big-bang starts enjoyed by many blockbuster games before their sales steadily decline. Still, Infinity Ward's latest managed to squeak by Grand Theft Auto 4's five-day record by $50 million.

If there were any tears to shed about that, Activision could dry them with some other impressive statistics, such as 5.2 million multiplayer hours logged and 11 million achievements unlocked on the game's first day. It could also presumably dry any tears with crisp bajillion dollar bills.

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