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Mass: We Pray is almost certainly a hoax


In a world where things like extreme Bible-reading apps exist, it was hard for us at first to accept that Mass: We Pray could be anything other than legit. After watching the alleged (read: probably fake) developer Prayer Works Interactive's over the top trailer for the game, though, we were fairly confident in casting doubt on the game's veracity. A quick WHOIS of the game's official homepage revealed nothing, and our email to the company was met with a boilerplate auto-response denying our request for more information.

Add to that the complete lack of any business records with the Massachusetts Secretary of State's office (the company's alleged home state) nor in business-friendly Delaware, and the possibly offensive included accessories, and we've got a maybe viral ad/maybe hoax on our hands. If we were the speculating types, we might posit that this has something to do with Dante's Inferno and a tie-in to a particular ring of Hell – Heresy or Fraud, perhaps? Either way, give the aforementioned trailer a gander after the break and see for yourself exactly why we're so skeptical.

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