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Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition has an alternate episode


The upcoming Alternative Edition DLC for Resident Evil 5 is going to include much more than motion controller support for PS3 and the "Lost in Nightmares" flashback episode. The latest issue of Japanese mag Famitsu (via Andriasang) notes that Capcom has two additional surprises for players: new costumes and new characters for a revamped "Mercenaries Reunion" (seen above), as well as an extra, yet-to-be-revealed chapter.

All this content will be released as four separate DLC packs:
  • "Lost in Nightmares" Episode - 400 ($5)
  • Costume Pack 1 - 160 ($2)
  • Costume Pack 2 - 160 ($2)
  • Additional TBA Episode - 400 ($5)
These prices are only confirmed for Japan, but it's unlikely the US release will be too different. Will two new campaign episodes lure you back into Resident Evil 5's monster safari?

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