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XPERIA X10 hands-on: lukewarm edition (now with video!)


We've seen the new Android-based XPERIA X10 from Sony Ericsson at a fast pace and a snail's pace, but have we ever seen it so stunningly middle of the road? We just got a chance to play with the phone in person for the second time, and from our random sampling of three or four different handsets, it seems that performance is very contingent upon how much content is loaded into the device and what particular thing it's trying to perform. Sometimes we'd fly through the stacks of faces, while other times we'd sit there waiting for the simplest thumbnails to load up. The good news is that we have until next year to see this thing really come together, and the word is that the software is improving and at a rapid pace. The big change about this phone is the "Nexus" UX platform, which actually all takes place in two "apps" at the moment, Timescape and Mediascape. Timescape is an integrated view for social networking and messaging, with an "infinite view" to see all types of communications for a particular person, while Mediascape is a more tame media app with a modicum of internet and social integration. It all seems very logically placed, and we like the fact that SE hasn't really sacrificed the Android experience -- you can still do Gmail and the Android Market and so forth, with very familiar UIs -- but it's going to have to be a lot more bulletproof before it hits the market if Sony Ericsson really expects us to use this day to day. Oh, also: the soft keyboard is terrible. We hear they're working on it, but boy does it need work.

Update: We've added the video below, go check it out!

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