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Gearbox spills details on Borderlands' Zombie Island DLC

Justin McElroy

Even with all the delightful new games on store shelves, we know you Borderlands addicts are still jonesing for more loot. Sure, it's not something you'd discuss with your family, but it's a disease, a terrible thirst that can only be slaked by DLC. MTV's got some more information on the first announced chunk, "The Zombie Island Of Doctor Ned."

The $9.99 island (due November 24 on PS3 and 360) is approximately as big as one of the smaller areas in the game and provides around four to six hours of gameplay, according to DLC design director Paul Helquist. Getting to the island and all the delicious new weapons within is a snap: You can teleport directly to the content after you buy it, and as long as you're level 10 or above the area will scale to you.

Hopefully that'll give you gear junkies enough info to stave off cravings until -- hey, are you licking the screen?!

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