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Sony to release 'non-game' dev kits in Q2 2010


Already, various non-game applications can be found on both the PS3 and PSP. From Skype to VidZone, the XMB now plays home to a variety of services. Going forward, it appears Sony will open the PlayStation platform further with the introduction of "non-game" development kits in the middle of next year.

Last night's 6.20 firmware update for PSP lays down the framework for additional non-gaming content. The PSP update adds a new category to the XMB called "Extras," which allows users to launch the web browser to download third-party apps on the PSP. The PlayStation Network Digital Comics Reader is the first official "Extra" to appear on the XMB, with more sure to come in 2010.

A wide release of non-game dev kits may attract the active homebrew community to release official programs on the PSP and PS3. We'll be chatting with SCEA soon to get further details. Until then, we'll be dreaming of a native YouTube application for our PSPs.

[Via VG247]
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