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The Witcher 2 being developed on multi-platform engine; CD Projekt seeking publisher

Bilingual Polish gaming news site Polygamia recently did us English-speakers a great kindness by attending a CD Projekt presentation on The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, translating its findings into our native tongue. According to Polygamia, CD Projekt's Michał Kiciński and Marcin Iwiński revealed that the RPG is being developed using an "internal, multi-platform engine," which they hope will become "the vanguard among game engines, and especially RPG engines."

CD Projekt's goals for the title are as lofty as you might expect -- the team claimed the The Witcher 2 will handily net an "over 90% score at Metacritic." However, before that happens, the game has to get made. The two developers explained that the studio is currently in talks with publishers and hoped to finalize distribution plans by Q1 2010.

Additionally, some footage managed to leak out of the closed presentation, which we've posted after the jump. However, unless you're a diehard fan of the first Witcher, we recommend skipping it, lest you be forced to suffer seven minutes of severe thoracic discomfort. You'll see what we mean.

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