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WoW Moviewatch: Level 1 Dwarven Hunter Raid


This sort of video isn't usually considered to be WoW Moviewatch material. I can admit that. But the video still made me smile, and it has enough unique qualities that it's a step apart from the usual "Level 1 Raid video." So, take a moment and check out Level 1 Dwarven Hunter Raid.

First, the music used by the Warcraft Hunters Union gives the video a sense of narrative motion. There's definitely a building crescendo and anticipation to the events. Second, there isn't the usual rapid-fire spam of tiny numbers telling you how much damage the level 1 raiders are performing.

Last, these chaps made it all the way to a dragon. And won. They admit that there was a level 80 or two floating around to give some hep, and they mostly zerged the dragon to death. Still, it's a nice little surprise at the end of a fun video.

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