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Finland unleashes Blobo, the squeezable, all-too-cheerful game controller, on an unsuspecting world


What's a matter, guy? Wiimote seem "old hat?" Looks like a start-up in Finland has just what you need. Containing "industry-leading" sensors for keeping track of "movement, rotation, magnetic fields and pressure," Blobo is a squeezable game controller roughly the size and shape of a golf ball that communicates with your PC or phone via Bluetooth. Currently available in a package with "six sporty fun and fit" games, it'll keep tabs on you as you run, jump, dribble, or karate chop your lonely nights away -- in the comfort of your own living room or wood panel rec room. In addition, the company has made a commercial which will, in the words of one Engadget editor, make you "want to stab" yourself. Retails for €54.90 (around $80). Video after the break.

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