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Mangrove WinMo tablet rough-handled, teased for being 'tubby'


Not too long ago C-motech popped up on our radar with Mangrove, the 7-inch touchscreen tablet that's been tragically saddled with Windows Mobile 6.5. The kids at SlashGear have just had a chance to play with the device, and to be honest they don't seem too terribly impressed. When stacked up against the Quanta Android Smartbook, for instance, the form factor was deemed unimpressive and "tubby," while the 1GHz Snapdragon seemed lackluster compared to the similarly powered HTC HD2. And it doesn't seem that the 800 x 480 resistive touchscreen has won many fans. But who knows? Maybe at the right price, this guy will find its (albeit small) audience. Or they can slap Android on the thing, in which case we have the perfect name for it: Mandroid.

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