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Worms 2 gets patched up on XBLA


We've all felt the pain of pressing the jump button a second time just barely too late in a game of Worms 2, sending a brave worm soldier free falling off the side of a mountain or, worse yet, into the watery depths below. Recognizing that the game might have some issues – and rather than simply calling us "newbs" like most people do – Worms 2 developers Team17 have just released a patch aimed at ailing all that is wrong with the adorable multiplayer strategy games.

Listing everything from "Back flip input slowed down to stop incorrect jumps harming the player" to "Fixed bug which made crates in Forts matches only land on the right hand side," as well as a slurry of other fixes, Team17 seems to have given the nearly five-month-old release a full overhaul. An overhaul that'll perhaps feel all the more worthwhile when the developers make good on next year's DLC for the game. In the meantime, we'll be over here waiting for you with a Buffalo of Lies.

[Via CVG]

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