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EA Montreal shifting focus to 'big, blockbuster-type titles'


According to comments made to Edge by EA Montreal general manager Alain Tascan, you can expect more big action titles like Army of Two: The 40th Day from the studio. While previous Wii games, including Skate It, Boogie Superstar and the recently released Need for Speed: Nitro, have enjoyed acceptable levels of success, Tascan believes that targeting HD consoles with "fewer and bigger things" might yield improved results. It's a prudent approach, no doubt stemming from the publisher's recent layoffs.

Tascan explains that the Wii market is "a little bit unpredictable these days," further encouraging a shift to additional "big, blockbuster-type titles." We probably don't need Tascan to point out that Army of Two is "the most successful original IP EA has had in the last few years," since it's the first to get a big, blockbuster sequel ahead of Dead Space and -- can we dream? -- Mirror's Edge.

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