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NCSoft reveals "Visions of the Future" for Aion

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

"As the Daevas dream, they see Atreia's future." Just in case there was one person left out there who didn't find Aion to be a visually stunning game, NCSoft released a nine minute gameplay trailer last night entitled "Visions of the Future". The trailer was presented on the official forums and greeted with a storm of "OMG".

Upgraded graphics improved the appearance of an already beautiful game, but that wasn't the thing that caused the excitement among Aion fans. An extensive look at player housing offered samples of available exteriors and interiors, as well as furnishings. And for the remaining fans who hadn't begun salivating? Mounts. In fact, seen here and there were what appeared to be flying mounts, as well as a dinosaur. The first half of the video was rounded out with clever aerial camera work designed to highlight changing seasons over gorgeous landscapes, and promises of swimming.

The video rounded out with an aptly named segment of "Pulse-pounding battles", both aerial and ground-based. Fire-breathing dragons, huge allies summoned from beneath the ground, and what one fan described as "awesome nuking" completed the picture.

A "never ending challenge", promises the end of the trailer. Take a look for yourself after the jump and see if you agree.

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