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LG / Cyon SU630 caught in the wilds of South Korea


Were you shocked and surprised when LG put out a Christmas Edition of its Korea-only LG-SU630? Neither were we -- but we are mighty amused that a certain reader named James Roberson was cool enough to take us up on our (joking) plea for pictures of the handset when he came across one at the electronics market in Seoul recently. This isn't the Christmas edition, but it's all LG-SU630 -- as indicated by the Cyon logo and 8 megapixel camera 'round back. Get a closer look in the gallery below. And for our next request, do you think you could send us a Sciphone Dream G2? We hear they're pretty amazing. kkthanksbye.

Gallery: LG / Cyon LG-SU630 caught in the wilds of South Korea | 5 Photos

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