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Black Friday deal roundup: Zhu Zhu mania edition


Ah, Black Friday. The words send shivers down your spine... do they not? We're sure that you're probably napping right now after a 4AM jaunt to your nearest brick and mortar retailer, where you inevitably trampled some children to get your hands on a Zhu Zhu or that super cheap TV with a 10:1 contrast ratio (hey, it was really cheap!). Still, there are some hard workin', hard spendin' folks who probably haven't had nearly enough of Capitalism Day, and as such, we're going to round up some of the best or most interesting deals we've seen thus far for their shopping pleasure. We've already done a few posts on the matter prior to the big day, and we'll include those here as well. Oh, and we're going to let you know about deals that seem too good to be true or just plain bunk to us, because no one wants you wasting your money... beyond what is considered reasonable by polite society. If you guys have any deals you think are notable, use the tip form (or comments) and let us know!

New deals today:

Dell Zino HD for $199
(buyer beware, it ships with Vista)
PS3 Slim (120GB) with inFAMOUS and Killzone 2 + a $10 Amazon gift certificate (different deals also available at other retailers)
Westinghouse 32-inch TV for $246 at Target (it is dirt cheap, but probably looks like crap)
TomTom iPhone app 30 percent off until Monday (link goes to App Store)

Previous deals:

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