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Darkest of Days postmortem has some bright spots

Justin McElroy

It's very easy to roundly dismiss a game that most people don't think is very good -- heck, we do it all the time. But we think before you make with the lambasting, you should have to read a postmortem article, like this one on Gamasutra from 8monkey, the developer of Darkest of Days.

Where many terrible games just appear to be rush jobs, the folks working on Darkest of Days (which hovers between a 45 and 52 on Metacritic, depending on platform) seem to be a nice enough group just doing the best with what they had (which, of course, was not enough money, time nor manpower).

A compelling postmortem isn't going to make Darkest of Days a better game (it's a long ways off from that), but maybe it'll make us all slightly nicer people.

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