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Is your iPhone your wingman for Black Friday?


Happy Turkey Hangover Day -- or, as it's otherwise known, shopping chaos day 2009. As Mike S. noted earlier, Business Week is calling this season "mobile shopping's first Christmas," and indeed there are plenty of shopper-assist apps in the App Store to help you plot, plan and navigate your gift-grabbing course:

Meanwhile, the App Store itself isn't immune to sales fever: plenty of games and other apps have reduced or free prices for the weekend. There are also plenty of discounts on Mac apps as well.

What we'd like to know is this: Did any of this advanced technology improve your experience out in the field today? Did you use Twitter to share bargains or Loopt to track your buddies down? Did MMS give you the power to send pictures of presents to your spouse, or did RedLaser [iTunes link] help you find a better price at the next destination? Give us the scoop in the comments below; we'll highlight the most intriguing shopping stories in future posts.

Photo via Flickr / plain_jane53177 / CC BY-ND 2.0

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