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Engadget has been nominated for 'Blog of the Decade' -- and you vote for the winner!


Hey gang. Normally we're not very concerned with prizes or accolades; just getting to play with the latest and greatest gadgets is reward enough for us... though we're a little excited about this one. Adweek has just announced its "Best of the 2000s" awards, and Engadget is up for "Blog of the Decade"! We've got some pretty amazing -- and fierce -- competition over there, but you guys can help decide who takes the prize by voting for your favorite (us, right?). If you like, you can hit the read link and cast your vote for Engadget. That would be super cool of you. If you're not into the awards thing, that's okay too; we promise not to come to your house and force you to vote for us under threat of physical harm. That would be crazy. Just crazy enough to work.

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