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PSPgo dips to £149 in the UK, have cooler heads prevailed?


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While we might think of the $250 PSPgo pricetag in the States as a criminal act on the part of an out-of-touch and-yet-malicious multinational corporation, we can only imagine how our unfortunate counterparts in the UK felt, staring down a £225 list price (about $371 US). Luckily, that quickly dropped to £200 after a week of sales, and now the console can be had for as low as £149 at UK entertainment retailer HMV. That converts rather tidily to $245 US, which is unfortunately about as far as the console has been discounted around these parts. There's no way to tell how many more months of dour faces and crossed arms pointed in the general direction of Sony Computer Entertainment America it'll take to get that price down to something more realistic Stateside, at which point we can start this whole UK / US price disparity drama all over again.

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