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Massively's EVE Dominion launch day roundup

James Egan

The Dominion expansion for EVE Online may not add an entirely new dimension to gameplay as Apocrypha did with wormhole exploration, but Dominion will redefine New Eden's equivalent of an endgame. The sovereignty game mechanics, essentially the rules of territorial control, have been revamped and will change how EVE Online's alliances claim and tap resources in the lawless expanses of nullsec space. Of course there's a lot more to Dominion than sov changes. So while you're braving that 19-hour downtime and then patching (or repairing) your client, have a look through our roundup of Massively's news coverage and columns focused on how EVE Online is going to change in Dominion.

EVE announces Dominion expansion, Walking in Stations renamed Incarna
CCP Games has announced their 11th free expansion for EVE Online, called "Dominion." As the name suggests, the winter expansion focuses on territories and player control over them.
New faction battleships coming to EVE with Dominion
The developers at CCP Games only just recently announced the next EVE Online expansion called Dominion, and its focus on planetary control. While they say it will bring new features like the COSMOS social network and Epic Mission Arcs for pirate factions, that's not to say that CCP Games isn't looking at other aspects of the game, particularly when it comes to those factions.
Breaking the chains of Sovereignty in EVE's Dominion expansion
While a large percentage of the game's playerbase remains in high security space controlled by NPC factions, for others it's 0.0 space (aka nullsec) where the real action is. In a nutshell, 0.0 is a lawless frontier where the rarest ores and minerals, the highest bounty NPCs, the most lucrative exploration content (in known space) is found. Of course, these regions are the most hotly contested territories in EVE Online and those resources found within are a driver for the continual conflict that engulfs New Eden.

EVE devs explain plans for revamping the sandbox
EVE Online's sandbox approach to game design is one where where centralized, well-developed clusters of solar systems are controlled by NPC factions while vast, lawless tracts of space can be claimed by the players themselves. This 0.0 space (aka nullsec) contains some of EVE's most valuable resources plus offers complete freedom from the laws imposed in high security NPC space. It's the frontier -- the wild west -- that alliances of EVE's capsuleers clash with one another to control.
Major rebalancing of capital ships coming to EVE in Dominion expansion
There are few things in EVE Online which provoke more outrage among the playerbase than capital ship nerfs. These multi-billion ISK behemoths aren't just an investment in terms of currency -- being able to pilot a capital ship effectively is a time investment as well, given EVE's real time skill training system. The writing's been on the wall for a long time though. Considering the sheer numbers of capital ships being fielded in the game, some changes might just be a good thing for EVE Online.
A look at EVE Online's new planet art
With the upcoming Dominion expansion, EVE's planets are receiving some much needed graphical love. While they don't look bad, they just don't look like the rest of the graphically updated universe anymore. But, CCP has seen the problem, and will be updating all of their planets to bring an artistic focus back on them -- especially as they will be the settings of DUST 514's battles.
AGDC09: EVE's Nathan Richardsson on the Dominion expansion and beyond
Massively was on the ground at the Game Developers Conference 2009 in Austin this week, and had a chance to sit down with Nathan "Oveur" Richardsson, Executive Producer of EVE Online. We discussed EVE's winter expansion, Dominion, and the new dimensions to the sci-fi MMO's setting that CCP Games hopes to introduce.
EVE Evolved: The road ahead for 0.0 alliances
A lot of MMOs rarely (if ever) revisit old gameplay mechanics or areas, focusing instead on new expansions. EVE Online is different in that the developers go back and re-visit old aspects of gameplay rather than just focusing on new mechanics and content. Even Blizzard have seen the wisdom in redevelopment of old content, and in their next planned World of Warcraft expansion "Cataclysm", the entire game world is being given a revamp to bring everything up to their most recent development standards.
EVE minimum system requirements raised for Dominion expansion
CCP Games periodically raises system requirements for EVE Online when they feel those minimum requirements are holding the game back. This is going to happen with this winter's Dominion expansion when players will need Windows XP Service Pack 2 to run the EVE client. The game will be getting a graphics update that includes a new look for some of EVE's planets and the Chromium powered in-game browser will require that XP users step up to at least Service Pack 2.
EVE social network COSMOS roadmap revealed, some features delayed
COSMOS is the social network for EVE Online slated to arrive with this winter's Dominion expansion, which CCP Games describes as "EVE away from EVE". Ultimately, it's a way to extend the game experience into new platforms such as web and mobile, along with voice integration -- but this is the long-term plan. In the short term, they've announced a delay with rolling out some of the previously mentioned features when Dominion launches.
EVE Online's faction ships due for a boost in Dominion expansion
When EVE Online's faction ships were introduced to the game they were, by design, a cut above the rest in addition to lending a certain amount of bling to being a pilot in New Eden. Faction ships had stats that made them worthy of the high amount of Loyalty Points required to obtain such a ship, the risks entailed with mission running in lowsec or 0.0 space, or alternately the high ISK costs to obtain them. But as Tech II ships, Marauders, and other advanced or specialized ship classes entered the game, it became apparent that faction ships in EVE Online were becoming antiquated.
EVE Evolved: Dominion be damned
At the last EVE Online Fanfest, it was announced that the Dominion expansion is slated for December 1st to coincide with Iceland's Sovereignty day. With less than a month to go until launch, there has been growing concern at the extreme lack of information on the new sovereignty mechanics at the expansion's core.
CCP drops more details on new mission arcs for EVE's pirate factions
We recently wrote a bit about the new PvE content coming to EVE Online in the Dominion expansion -- Epic Mission Arcs for the Angel Cartel and Guristas pirate factions where your speed will help you survive. Now CCP Games has dropped more info on these branching pirate missions; the Guristas arc is called "Smash and Grab" while the Angel Cartel arc is "Angel Sound".
New EVE Online trailer shows the glory of Dominion
In just a matter of days -- December 1st to be exact -- Dominion will be launching, bringing an early holiday gift for EVE Online players around the world. For those not familiar, Dominion, the 12th free expansion in CCP's ever-evolving interstellar game of life, will bring enormous changes to the sovereignty system and ship re-balancing -- aspects of what many consider EVE Online's "endgame."

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