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An early look at the Warhammer 40K MMO

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

We've been hearing about a Warhammer 40k MMO for a very long time, beginning back in March of 2007. We also received some tantalizing general details back in April of 2008 -- It will have an RPG feel, there will be extensive gunplay, and all races important to Warhammer 40k lore will be included. Spring of 2008 continued the information train with several interviews here and there in which Vigil Games offered a few more details and assured fans that development was continuing.
After that, all was quiet again until April of this year, when a familiar name popped up on a list of release dates from THQ. Warhammer 40k MMO was given a 2012 release date -- subject to change, of course. Again, all was quiet after that, until now.

Yesterday, Kotaku received new concept art for the Warhammer 40k MMO, and while it's not exactly a completed game, it's a step in the right direction. The images include a nice look at character models and weaponry, so follow along after the jump to see for yourself.

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