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BOSS eBand Audio Player lets you rock along to its tinny accompaniment


Are you sick of the guitar player in your life anachronistically asking you to reset the needle on their turntable so they can rock out to the Electric Light Orchestra? Maybe the eBand JS-8 from BOSS will shut them up. The unit (which doesn't float in the air casting reflections upon jeans, as the horrible Photoshop above might suggest) can play tracks off of a USB stick or SD card, with the ability to change the pitch and tempo of songs, as well as some audio engineering magic to kill the guitar or vocal parts. They can then plug your guitar in and rock out over the built-in speakers, and tap record to immortalize their roughly hewn pentatonic scales up against the backing tracks. It's sort of a less-portable version of Tascam's MP-GT1 DAP, and perfect for the guitar player who doesn't have everything.

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