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Phantasy Star Portable 2 launch DLC is soda strange


As we reported back in September, Sega struck a deal with soft drink maker Coca-Cola to feature the latter's Fanta soda in the just-released (in Japan) Phantasy Star Portable 2. (Phanta-sy, Fanta, geddit?) Well, it turns out that the deal has resulted in more than just giant Fanta cans littering the game's lobbies. The first round of DLC, launched alongside the game, includes a mission featuring a quiz focused on -- you got it -- Fanta soda.

In "Fanta Quiz Battle!," four players compete to answer questions correctly before embarking on a proper adventure. As noted by Andriasang, the second DLC mission, Sasurai no Seikan Gyoushounin, appears to have no such deep-rooted product placement. We can't argue with the fact that the DLC is free (likely because of the sponsorship) but any sort of in-game advertising tends to give us a sour stomach. Probably nothing a nice, fizzy Fanta won't help, though.

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