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A sneak peek at Atlantica Online's new class and dungeon

Shawn Schuster

It's time for this newest installment of NDoors Interactive's bi-weekly developer journal here at Massively. We've covered so much already, but now we're excited to see some news of a shiny new class, called the Druid Mercenary, and the Grand Canyon Dungeon. Here's what they had to say:

Atlantica Online is proud to present our newest addition to our growing list of mercenaries, the Druid. In our next patch, players who have reached level 100 will be able to begin the recruitment quest for this axe wielding mercenary.

In their quest to obtain this new mercenary, players will have venture forth into our never-before-seen Grand Canyon Dungeon, which requires players to be level 121 or greater. Players will also enter the all-new Coyotes Valley Squad Dungeon, where players will be able to create a squad with 8 of their friends, for a total of 9 players, to enter this dungeon. Whereas most parties consist of only 3 players, this new dungeon will expand that party size to a total of 9. Each player will also be only allowed to take in 5 mercenaries plus their main character to fight their way through the new Coyotes Valley Dungeon. Players will have to work together in order to obtain the necessary requirements in order to get their new Druid mercenary.

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