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Dead Space 2 possibly teased by Necromorphic ink blot

What do you see in the ink blot above? A butterfly with cattails attached to its wings? Well, that probably means you're insane. The popular theory is that the image, which was linked to on the recently relocated official Dead Space Twitter page, is actually a teaser for Dead Space 2. This much is supported by the strange script featured at the bottom of the image (visible in the full picture, posted after the jump), which, when translated using this helpful guide (via horror game news blog Hell Descent), reads "the nightmare is over but it will not end."

There's also a few Necromorphs hidden in the ink blot, including Mr. "I'm going to stab you with these sharp tentacles" and Mr. "I'm just a baby but I'll bite your face off." (Disclaimer: Those probably aren't their Christian names.) We feel we can confidently add this to the growing pile of evidence for an upcoming announcement for the follow-up to last year's dismemberment simulator.

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