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NSMB Wii hits big in Japan: bricks record, collects coin


Old-school Mario is news again as New Super Mario Bros. Wii sold at Sonic-speed throughout its Japanese launch last week. Andriasang reports that the platformer sold 422,000 copies in its first day (December 3), with Famitsu following up that NSMB Wii moved 936,734 units by Sunday, December 6, its "first week" at retail, stomping the previous week-one sales record held by Super Smash Bros. Brawl (816k).

And with that, Mario has pulled off his hat trick, scoring in Japan's top three first-week bestsellers, which also includes Mario Kart Wii (608k). Monster Hunter 3 (583k) follows in fourth place.

In other news, Joystiq Publishing, in collaboration with acclaimed developer Nincom, is pleased to announce "Mushroom Hunter Wii," the VIDEO GAME EVENT OF THE NEXT GENERATION -- for Wii -- exclusively in Japan (while supplies last). Pre-order today!


Source – Big Start for December Wii titles [Andriasang]
Source – ミリオン目前、『New スーパーマリオブラザーズ Wii』の初週販売本数が発表 [Famitsu]

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